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Opinion: Wearing a mask is like turning down a marshmallow

November 20, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Practicing future-tense hope (taking precautions till a vaccine arrives) is complicated by the fact that the future is a fragile place, cognitively, writes neurologist Robert Sapolsky. Sacrificing immediate pleasure (a big gathering at Thanksgiving, for example), for a bigger future gain (less sickness and death) is tough for humans, it turns out.

Humans show, for one thing, what is called temporal discounting--or as a famous experiment from the 60s framed it: "You can have this marshmallow now, but if you wait, you'll get two -- which do you choose?" We have a strong tendency to go for the one marshmallow now, to discount the desirability of a bigger reward whose delivery stretches towards the horizon of the future.

All of which makes it difficult for the promise of nearly 95% in the future to sustain us in the 150,000+ present.

Instead, nearly 95% promises to usher in a future we are able to imagine because it is one filled with things we remember.

A place where we can regain the things that nourish us and regather our determination to make a truly better future for America, sooner rather than later.

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