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Opinion: Unmasking Trump's real governing philosophy

September 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

For centuries the US has artfully balanced two conflicting philosophies--rugged individualism and self interest vs. a view of the country as a national community with shared concerns and sacrifice, writes Joe Lockhart. But Donald Trump's presidency is upending this balance forcing us to decide which value we will live by, and this will have profound implications for the future of our country and the happiness of those lucky enough to be here.

The clash between Trump and Joe Biden is between two distinct philosophies and values that have been duking it out in America for more than 240 years.

This is the ideology that values personal freedom and autonomy, the right to pursue one's own goals and desires and values the rights of the individual above those of the state or other social groups.

Americans have the right to make up their own minds on what they do, how they live and what risks they will take with their own bodies.

Trump takes it to the extreme in repeatedly putting his own supporters at risk of contracting the coronavirus in pursuit of his own personal goal of being reelected.

For example, watching CNN interview Trump supporters who attended the Nevada rally without social distancing or masks, we heard an even more basic version of American individualism.

Over the next 50 days, Trump will remind you every day about your personal rights, and his, also.

He will ridicule Joe Biden and Democrats who are taking steps -- like wearing masks -- to keep us all safe.

Biden will use the debates and his advertisements to stress that community is what is the best of America -- basic community-mindedness and community values are not some deep-state government plot to take away people's rights.

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