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Opinion: Trump's town hall didn't go well

September 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Scott Jennoings writes that Donald Trump's performance at a televised town hall in Philadelphia on Tuesday "showed he is simply better in a pugilistic debate with an opponent than he is in addressing individual voters in a 'town hall' format."

Most of the questions were hostile, and several of the questioners quite clearly have no intention whatsoever of voting for Trump.

This is Stephanopoulos' job, I guess, and Trump often says things that are so ridiculous that he invites the badgering.

But this format was supposed to be about Trump and the voters and it was frequently about Trump and the anchor.

To bring them back, Trump should view these kinds of events -- including the upcoming debates with Democratic nominee Joe Biden -- through a narrow lens, aiming his answers squarely at that group.

I understand why he did it -- his campaign was asking for additional debates earlier in the process, after all -- but given that the questions and moderator were overly hostile, Trump wasn't able to find much traction.

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