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Opinion: Trump's amateurish mistake ahead of debates

September 24, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

After weeks of ham-handed attempts at convincing the electorate that Joe Biden is a doddering fool, write Juliana Silva and Bill McGowan, Trump has put himself in an impossible situation: he has lowered the bar on his opponent's performance to floor level. And a low bar is easy to step over.

Only now, at the 11th hour, is Trump trying to climb out of the hole he's dug for himself by claiming that he assumes Biden, the former Vice President, will "do great" in the debates.

So, barring any major cognitive meltdown, Biden should at the very least be able to debate Trump to a draw.

Trump has been throwing every haymaker he can think of, suggesting that Biden is drugged up, that he's senile, that his administration will be dispatching poor people to terrorize the suburbs, that he is "against God," that he's a puppet for a Marxist cabal that will destroy America, and so on.

The potential staging of these debates doesn't favor Trump either.

Physical distancing will eliminate any possibility of Trump lurking and stalking behind Biden, the weird attempt at intimidation he appeared to pull on Clinton.

"I'm looking forward to getting on the debate stage with Trump and holding him accountable . . .

Perhaps the only way Trump will win these debates is if he can get someone else to climb into the ring for him.

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