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Opinion: There's only one way to stop violent extremists

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Nations that fail to address the intolerant mindset at the root of racism will find that intolerance eventually resurfaces and comes back to haunt them, writes Daniel Lubetzky. "Extremist ideology not only hurts a society's enemies, but also eventually attacks from within and harms the society from which it originated."

It helped to fund the madrassas that fostered the extreme perspectives that eventually contributed to the September 11th terror attacks on New York and Washington.

The club's most fanatical supporters finally became so extreme in their intolerance that Beitar Jerusalem's 2013 signing of two Russian League players who happened to be Muslim led to protests and anti-Arab chants against the very club that fueled the fans' racist fire.

McConnell himself stood by while the seeds of extremism were planted, leading to -- in his words -- "the unhinged crowd," or, in other words, the domestic terrorists who came for him and his fellow legislators.

When thinking turns extreme, there is little room for nuance or aberration from the narrow mindset deemed acceptable.

When groups become so extreme in their thinking that they fail to realize the merits of an opinion from outside their "tribe" or when partisan fealty fuses into one's identity, one's values ultimately suffer.

All extremes are bound together by their intolerance for "the other. " The far-left's tendency to call others out and automatically cast judgment harms all of society by stifling the critical thinking, nuanced debate, and exchange of differing ideas that lead to progress -- the very progress for which progressives advocate.

We can seize back the agenda for reason by recognizing our individual power and duty to stand up, particularly against the sort of violent extremism and domestic terrorism we witnessed in our nation's capital.

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