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Opinion: The window of opportunity is closing fast on an Iran nuclear deal

April 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The US has taken a giant step back into the world community by joining the Vienna talks on the Iran nuclear deal, writes David A. Andelman.

(CNN)With America joining the renewed talks in Vienna aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear agreement shunned by Donald Trump, the United States has taken a giant step back into the global community of nations.

The origins of where we find ourselves stem from the errors of the Trump administration, whose 2018 withdrawal from the JCPOA sought to break apart an agreement that had held the real promise of fulfilling its mandate -- to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Much of this uncertainty revolves around the vast web of sanctions that multiplied under Trump and that Rouhani and Khamenei have insisted be lifted before Iran's return to the agreement can even be discussed.

In the years since the agreement was effectively suspended by Trump's withdrawal, Iran has been quietly expanding its knowledge of nuclear engineering, building new state-of-the-art devices, particularly centrifuges to a level closer to bomb-grade than permitted in the agreement.

Potter noted that the breakout time for Iran to produce a nuclear weapon was estimated at 12 months when the JCPOA was in full effect.

Against this backdrop, Vienna's negotiators are most likely looking for a confluence of common interests, using the existing window of opportunity to reach an agreement before a new president takes over in Iran.

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