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Opinion: The problem with Trump's hair-raising 2020 battle plan

August 1, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Remember how President Donald Trump used to say, "No collusion," at every chance, to stave off -- among other things -- impeachment? He's now using a similar craft-a-narrative tactic, writes Frida Ghitis, this time hoping it will help him stay in office: He blasts mail-in voting incessantly, posing a dire risk to America's democracy.

The outlines became clear on Thursday, when Trump suggested in a tweet that perhaps the elections should be postponed.

And Republicans rejected the idea -- among them a founder of the conservative Federalist Society (who voted for Trump and opposed his impeachment), who called the notion "fascistic" and deemed the tweet itself grounds for immediate impeachment.

But Trump's doubling down on his strategy during his Thursday afternoon so-called coronavirus briefing, made it clear that this was not a casual tweet -- it's a plan, and seems to be moving forward.

And now he appears to have help: The Trump donor (more than $2 million to Trump and GOP causes since 2016) and former finance chair of the Republican National Convention tapped last month to run the Postal Service, Louis DeJoy. Listen to CNN's reporting on a memo outlining new procedures put into place under DeJoy:

"The new policies include hours being cut back within the US Postal Service, according to the memo obtained by CNN that shows talking points given to USPS managers across the country on July 10.

According to the Washington Post, David Partenheimer, spokesman for the US Postal Service (an independent agency), called the notion that Trump was directing Lejoy "wholly misplaced and off-base," and said that any service "impacts" from the new procedures "will be monitored and temporary. "

Do not be taken in: The administration's failure to contain the Covid-19 pandemic has made mail-in voting the only viable, secure and non-life-threatening option for millions of Americans -- many of whom are already doing it.

His critics may see through Trump's strategy, but millions of his followers believe what he says and will believe him throughout the fall, and after Nov. 3 -- and if he loses, they may join him in rejecting the election's outcome.

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