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Opinion: The GOP's carnival of hypocrisy

January 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Frida Ghitis writes that Donald Trump's second impeachment marks most of his defenders in the Republican Party as duplicitous opportunists who claimed at the last moment that the country needed unity after they had contributed to bringing the nation to the precipice of civil war. "it's not just Trump-defending Republicans who worry about the country's deep and inflamed divisions," says Ghitis. "Most Americans are disheartened and frightened about the depths and the dangers to which Trump has brought the nation.

(CNN)History will record that the second impeachment of President Donald Trump branded him forever as a catastrophically immoral and divisive leader.

In their speeches in the House of Representatives during the impeachment debate, the 197 opponents of the measure put on a carnival of hypocrisy, a spectacle in which they tried to persuade their colleagues, the country, and perhaps themselves, that after they spent months trying to overturn the legitimate results of a democratic election, suddenly they cared about unifying and healing the nation above all else.

Pick a random name from among the 147 Republicans who voted to steal the election from the American people and you're likely to find someone saying impeachment is too divisive.

People like Debbie Lesko, who voted against certifying, now finds it "concerning" that Democrats are pursuing impeachment just one week before Trump leaves office and "at a time when our country needs unity. "

Similarly, Rep. Ted Budd, another member who voted against certifying Biden's election, tweeted, "If Democrats say they want unity, this isn't the way to show it. "

All the Republicans who repeated the lie, relentlessly fueling a dangerous falsehood about the election, who enabled Trump, who failed to stand up to him until this moment -- and even now -- contributed to the "terrible events that we all condemn. "

The right way to heal those divisions, the right way to unite the country, is to come together in repudiating the poisonous presidency of Donald Trump.

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