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Opinion: President Trump, here are three tips for besting Biden at the debate

September 26, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Lanhee Chen writes there are three things President Donald Trump should do to emerge the winner from his initial debate against former Vice President Joe Biden: focus on the economy, be ready to talk about health care and keep the pressure on his opponent.

(CNN)The first general election debate on September 29 represents a significant opportunity for President Donald Trump to change the dynamic of a race where he trails in national polling, as well as in recent polls from some of the battleground states he would need to win to be reelected.

Here are three things Trump should do to change the course of the presidential race and emerge the winner from his initial debate against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Just as Trump is seen as stronger on the economy, Biden has a significant edge on health care, and many political analysts believe that this issue helped Democrats secure significant gains during the 2018 midterm elections.

Trump unveiled his "America-First Healthcare Plan" this week when he issued an executive order targeting health care costs and promising, "We will protect your pre-existing conditions. " In the debate on Tuesday, Trump needs to point to these efforts not only to defend against Biden's attacks, but also to give Americans a sense of the specific health care policies he would pursue, if reelected.

If he makes a significant misstep, it could change the dynamic of the race with just a few weeks to go before Election Day. Biden may flub an answer on his own, but it's more likely to happen if Trump is forcing Biden to respond to elements of his record or proposals that are politically controversial.

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