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Opinion: NBC's Trump town hall will likely be a train wreck — and viewers will flock to it

October 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

People will now be forced to choose between the town halls based on two factors: preference for a candidate and entertainment value. According to the most recent polls, Biden seems to have the edge on the former, but when did people pass up the chance to see the type of hijinks, aggression or low comedy that only Trump can offer?

NBC's recent decision to stage a town hall with President Donald Trump at the exact time of the already scheduled town hall on ABC with Joe Biden is the latest example of a media organization ignoring the best interests of the voting public in favor of its own.

NBC intends to run the town hall across its multiple networks, including MSNBC and CNBC, which gives Trump wider coverage than Biden will get on ABC alone.

NBC is offering Trump what he really wanted: a replay of the first debate, at least in terms of a chance to speak on top of whatever Biden is saying without fear of interruption.

NBC's justification for inviting Trump on for a town hall is completely legit in one context: The network had already given the same to Biden earlier this month.

But permitting Trump to get what he wants — blowing up the real debate because he disliked the format only to create an ersatz one more favorable to him — is embarrassing for NBC.

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