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Opinion: My baby and I are safer with the Covid-19 vaccine than without it

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Caroline Nyczak, a pregnant teacher from Michigan, writes that she's already made several decisions regarding her health and how to navigate this pregnancy -- getting the Covid-19 vaccine was one of them.

She explained that not including pregnant women in vaccine trials was routine, and not a new precaution nor exclusive to this vaccine.

In fact, we would know if there were immediate harmful side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine on pregnancy, because many pregnant health care workers had already been vaccinated.

For me, the bottom line was this: The risks of Covid-19 to pregnancy are known and well-documented, and the risks of the vaccine are unknown but could very likely be zero.

After this conversation, I started telling people I would most likely get the vaccine when it was offered to me.

The video discussed the vaccine and pregnancy, and reinforced the conclusions I had drawn from my conversation with my midwife.

I quickly Googled "Covid vaccine pregnant women" to discover that, according to recent headlines, the WHO had just that day recommended against pregnant women being vaccinated.

However due to insufficient data, WHO does not recommend the vaccination of pregnant women at this time.

In case a pregnant woman has an unavoidable risk high of exposure (e. g. a health worker), vaccination may be considered in discussion with their healthcare provider. "

About 30 minutes before my scheduled vaccination time, Steve texted, "Good luck.

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