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Opinion: Mitch McConnell's disturbing chuckle

October 13, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

More than 210,000 Americans are dead, 26 million people are collecting unemployment benefits, and many more than that have, or are in in danger, of losing their jobs, writes Jill Filipovic. So why was the Senate Majority Leader laughing as Amy McGrath, running against him for a Kentucky US Senate seat, pressed him on the stalled relief bill?

In response, McConnell laughed.

And while the Republican controlled Senate, where McConnell is the majority leader, can get it together to hold lightning-speed confirmation hearings aimed at thrusting Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court before the November 3 election, they have shown no such ability to advance a new relief package for those hundreds of millions of Americans struggling — many with jobs and lives in ruins — as a deadly disease continues its rampage through their communities.

But the point is not only that McConnell found something to laugh about in Covid deaths, although it was striking that chortling was the response he reached for.

As for the actual metrics of chaos that McGrath laid at his feet — the unemployed Americans, the dead Americans — McConnell couldn't even pretend to care.

Despite being a member of the party of personal responsibility, McConnell refuses to accept accountability for the Senate's dereliction of duty on additional Covid relief for Americans.

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