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Opinion: Mike Bloomberg's investment in Florida could decide the election outcome

September 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Arick Wierson writes that Michael Bloomberg's promise to invest $100 million to support Joe Biden's campaign in Florida shows that he may be more powerful in politics as a donor than as a candidate or elected official. Moreover, Bloomberg has political savvy unmatched by other donors.

Bloomberg's announcement that he is stepping in to help former Vice President Joe Biden win Florida came as welcome news to many Democrats who had been left wondering when -- or even if -- the former mayor would make good on the promises he had made to help beat Trump, no matter the cost.

On Sunday, The Washington Post revealed that Bloomberg, who made a brief run for the Democratic nomination himself earlier this year, will spend at least $100 million of his own fortune to support Biden's campaign in Florida, mainly through television ad buys.

Bloomberg's media buys could help boost Biden's sagging poll numbers with Florida's enormous population of Latino voters, a nuanced group who can't be reached in full by simply running ads in Spanish.

There is another scenario in which, even if Trump is able to eke out a win in Florida -- despite Bloomberg's investments -- he goes on to lose the general election because of all the resources Bloomberg's Florida effort drained from the Trump campaign's efforts in other states.

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