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Opinion: LeBron James is more than the GOAT. He's the anti-Trump

October 13, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

LeBron James has confidently taken up the struggle for Black dignity and citizenship, emerging as the athletic superstar that America might not deserve but so desperately needs, says Peniel Joseph. Joseph argues as a force for social justice and voting rights, the four-time NBA champion James is the anti-Trump.

James, the NBA's biggest star and among the most outspoken and eloquent athletes of his generation on matters of racial justice and equity, helped to forge a compromise.

Playoffs would continue, players would be allowed to wear T-shirts and emblems expressing their support for Black Lives Matter and social justice causes and the league would donate money to social justice organizations and turn NBA arenas into polling places for the upcoming election.

In many ways James and the NBA represent the anti-Trump.

James' biggest rebuke of Trump has been in his support of voting rights for all Americans, especially Black and communities of color who have been targeted by the President and his allies for voter suppression.

Because of LeBron James, so many other Black athletes understand that, without their talent, the NBA and other professional sports leagues could not exist and that justice is what public expressions of love, at their best, look like.

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