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Opinion: Joe Biden just destroyed one of Trump's biggest attack lines

August 9, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Dean Obeidallah writes that the viral Fox News video of Biden biking and joking devastastes President Donald Trump's claims that the former vice president lacks the stamina for the presidency -- and suggests that Biden should challenge Trump to a bike ride rather than agree to a fourth debate

(CNN)Joe Biden on Saturday utterly devastated one of President Donald Trump's most repeated attack lines against the former Vice President.

The Fox reporter yelled at the bike-riding Biden: "Mr. Vice President have you picked a running mate yet?" to which Biden responded, "Yeah I have. " Doocy then followed up, "You have?

And then almost on cue Saturday afternoon, around the same time Biden was on his bicycle, Trump tweeted out from the posh confines of his country club one of his go-to attack lines against the former VP, calling him "Sleepy Joe Biden. "

There's Biden briskly riding a bicycle while Trump is at his private country club, where the only exercise he seems to get is getting in and out of his golf cart.

But in this case Twitter helped as the hashtag "Trump Can't ride a Bike" got traction online, with one anti-Trumper juxtaposing video footage of Biden riding his bicycle with Trump struggling to walk down a ramp after delivering the commencement address in June at West Point.

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