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Opinion: Jill Biden is rocking a new look for first ladies

April 8, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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...and it's not easy. Criticized (and defended) for deplaning in short leather skirt and high-heeled booties, the First Lady is confronting the sartorial expectations others hold for her in her new outward-facing role, writes Peggy Drexler, and there's a reason for that, including (and beyond) everyday politics and sexism.

(CNN)First lady Dr. Jill Biden stepped off a plane last week in a short black leather skirt, black patterned tights (floral fishnets, InStyle called them) and black stiletto booties.

She spent eight years as second lady, after all, and now, in the earliest days of her husband's presidency, she's got to know that she's going to be nearly as looked at as he is, and that this outfit, if not wholly inappropriate, could certainly be seen as an unconventional choice for the wife of one of the most powerful leaders in the world.

But while Biden's outfit is not all that objectionable (as the Twitterverse points out, Melania Trump sported some looks that were far more inappropriate as first lady) it's not exactly appropriate.

Let me be clear: It's not that Jill Biden, the woman, doesn't have the right to dress however she wants, look sexy or try something new.

It's too soon to tell if Jill Biden's fashion choices will figure into how she navigates her First Lady role -- if she (or her stylist) are thinking "fashion icon" -- and what that would mean.

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