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Opinion: I'm voting for Joe Biden. I also think the Senate should confirm Judge Barrett

October 13, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Thomas Koenig writes that one can be a principled supporter of both Biden and Barrett by accepting two important premises, one rooted in common sense, the other born of knowledge of our constitutional structure.

(CNN)The coming weeks may be brutal: The level of partisan rancor and performative outrage that we've seen over the timing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination may intensify during the confirmation hearings.

This melee of shouting extremes will crowd out nuanced positions, so let me offer one here: Joe Biden should be elected president, and Judge Barrett should be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.

But supporting Biden need not translate into denouncing Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

In light of the immense diversity of this nation, allowing different people to govern themselves in different ways -- so long as they do not run afoul of the bedrock protections of the Bill of Rights -- seems like an eminently reasonable way forward.

The coming opposition to Judge Barrett's nomination will cloak itself in the language of democracy, but in fact it will reveal a deep distrust of self-government.

As senators lambaste Barrett as a threat to democracy, they themselves will in fact be lamenting Judge Barrett's refusal to stand in the way of democracy.

The onus is on us and the politicians whom we elect, like Biden, not on judges like Barrett.

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