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Opinion: I love 'The Mandalorian,' but it's got one big tin-eared problem

November 20, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Sara Stewart says it's great for "Star Wars" fans like her to have "The Mandalorian" back for a second season, but she's noticing a troubling trend and weirdly regressive tone in the show around one thing: its treatment of non-humanoid characters.

We could all use a little Baby Yoda in our lives again.

"The Mandalorian" has made a splash as one of the most satisfying "Star Wars" properties in decades thanks to zeroing in on the little guys in the galaxy, not capital-H heroes.

In season 2's opening episode, "The Marshal," the Mandalorian ends up in a dusty mining town on Tatooine, whose occupants (including a mayor played by eternal cowboy Timothy Olyphant) live in fear of the Krayt dragon -- a creature whose terrifying size was hinted at in 1978's "A New Hope. " Here, the townspeople live on top of its habitat, which doesn't seem to be working out.

"The Mandalorian" has already gotten into hot water this season thanks to Baby Yoda's bottomless appetite.

(Not to mention a preoccupation with eggs. ) The Mandalorian might have sworn to protect Baby Yoda, but look out if you're any other creature who crosses his path.

Here's hoping the Mandalorian picks up more of it when he and Baby Yoda finally find a Jedi.

Blast all the Storm Troopers you like, Mando, but let the wild, weird fauna of "Star Wars" live.

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