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Opinion: How much further will fame, spectacle and controversy get Donald Trump?

April 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Was there anyone in the world who believed that the attention-grabbing machine of Donald Trump would suddenly stop when he left the White House, asks Michael D'Antonio. "Of course, some of the sprockets and springs are loose and broken. But the sputtering spectacle continues as Trump, along with his allies and enablers, fashion a post-presidency unlike any other."

Days after the video was published online, The New York Times reported that Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of Trump's closest allies, is the subject of a Justice Department investigation.

She told the New Yorker that before he was president, Donald Trump once attended a shiva, where he showed various attendees nude photos of women who were on a yacht with him.

(Weisselberg said she was cooperating with inquiries by New York investigators looking into Trump and his businesses. )

Besides Gaetz's trouble, the Trump machine hit another bump when the Government Accountability Office released an audit that raised issues with Ivanka Trump's signature White House initiative.

The bad news about Ivanka Trump's pet project was followed by revelations that Trump's former deputy assistant and trade adviser Peter Navarro personally arranged for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal pandemic-fighting contracts to go to politically connected companies or companies that had no previous track record of the kind of work they were paid to do.

Between Trump's wacky tuxedo rant, Navarro's diatribe, and the rest of the sputtering news events, the denizens of Trump World seemed to bring the attention-grabbing machine back to life, if only for a brief moment.

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