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Opinion: Feds need to tell us a lot more about the Capitol riot investigation

January 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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After a major event like a terrorist assault on the heart of our government, top federal law enforcement officials would normally step up quickly to give the most comprehensive account of what they know, inform and reassure the public and warn of any new threat, writes Asha Rangappa. But a Tuesday press conference with FBI and DOJ failed to meet this standard. For one thing, where was the top leadership?

(CNN)Six days after the siege on the US Capitol, officials from the FBI and Department of Justice held a news conference Tuesday to give an update.

We learned from D'Antuono that the FBI was treating the Capitol attack the same way it would an international terrorist incident, and that it had opened 170 "subject files" (referring to individuals identified as persons who potentially committed crimes), and of those has charged more than 70 individuals.

But both officials appeared to skirt around explaining what federal law enforcement knew and did before that day's Trump rally and the attack that followed it, in particular how the feds had coordinated with other agencies to prepare for trouble.

It is hard to understand how -- particularly in light of the many threats of violence made openly by pro-Trump groups and individuals on social media -- the FBI and its law enforcement partners were not better prepared for what took place.

On Tuesday, however, D'Antuono puzzlingly acknowledged that the FBI had information from its Norfolk field office indicating plans for violence at the Capitol.

But neither D'Antuono nor Sherwin addressed this future threat, issued a warning to anyone planning violence, or even referred to the people involved in this violence as domestic terrorists.

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