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Opinion: Donald Trump is going home a loser

January 13, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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David Axelrod writes that Trump has approached his presidency -- as he has much of his professional life -- with one goal: to be a winner, whatever it takes. Regardless if the Senate convicts him of inciting a riot, Trump has suffered the most painful penalty of all: He is leaving the White House a loser.

And Fred Trump had no time for losers.

Likely driven by his desperate need to fulfill his father's mandate, Fred Trump's son committed egregious sins against our democracy as he attempted to retain power.

Last year, it was for the unthinkable act of pressuring a foreign leader -- the Ukrainian president -- to falsely open and announce a corruption investigation into the potential opponent Trump feared the most, Joe Biden, in 2019.

Trump cynically and effectively depicted that earlier impeachment as partisan and remained in office, as only one Republican US senator, Mitt Romney, dared to defy the vengeful president.

But however and whenever the US Senate acts on Trump's historic second impeachment, this much we know: He will leave office within a week, not as an honored former president but as the disgraced and selfish provocateur of a seditious uprising.

But the President already has suffered the most painful penalty of all: Fred Trump's boy will go home a loser.

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