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Opinion: Democrats and Republicans, stop fighting and get something done

November 18, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Josh Gottheimer, a US Congressman from New Jersey's Fifth District, writes that politicians from both parties shouldn't squander this chance to heal the country. "It can be done," says Gottheimer, a co-chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus that meets to find areas of common ground.

(CNN)After four years of hyper-partisanship, we have a rare window of opportunity this January to come together, heal our nation, and govern for all of America -- not just one party.

Some in the far left wing of my own party have declared, in almost an anti- Biden manner, that "we're always messaging around bipartisanship," and that "we need to have an unapologetic agenda," instead of "trying to play to the notions of civility. " Some in the other party remain doggedly unwilling to accept the results of the elections, insisting that there are "fake votes" and widespread "fraud and abuse. "

The good news for many of us who long for civility and bipartisan governing is that Joe Biden will be our next president.

But, here's the reality of where we are today: As hard as many of us will work to win both Senate seats in Georgia, there is a chance that President-elect Biden will face a divided government, with a slim majority in both chambers.

I'm choosing to be optimistic and betting that Congress can pass a much-needed Covid stimulus package, enact immigration reform, strengthen health care and environmental protections, and get infrastructure done.

But, we know, empirically, that the extremist messaging isn't what delivered President-elect Biden the White House, or what helped us keep a majority of the 30 Democrats in the House who represent Trump districts like mine.

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