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Opinion: America delivers its verdict on Donald Trump

November 8, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The message of Joe Biden's victory was unmistakable -- voters declared they were fed up with Donald Trump himself. The President was not swept from office in an anti-Republican rout -- his party did exceptionally well in other races across the US.

His defeat was a clear statement that the nation, speaking through voters in states controlling a majority of electoral college votes, finally had enough of Trump himself.

"Donald Trump defeated Donald Trump," wrote David Axelrod.

Arick Wierson wrote, in a letter to his 4-year-old daughter, that "Today, millions of young girls like you across this great land will go to bed knowing that this country has a place for you, no matter where you want to go in life. " He added, "That a woman of color will soon be first in line to the presidency won't mean that people won't put up obstacles in front of you based on your sex or race as you go through life.

Donald Trump has governed as no other American President has.

"At its core, the President's speech was an attack on our democracy and the legal voting systems long established in every one of our states and territories," wrote Anne Milgram.

The vote counting made it clear that Trump has lost, wrote Josh Douglas.

They must demand that Trump cease his dangerous language that casts doubt on the legitimacy of the election and -- unless he has real evidence -- end his baseless lawsuits that seek only to further undermine people's faith in the outcome. "

But Michael D'Antonio pointed out, "The one certain fact about Trump in his moment of defeat in his race against former Vice President Joe Biden is that he is not feeling good at all.

Presidents are rarely denied when they pursue a second term -- it has happened four times in the last 100 years -- which means Trump cannot escape the label he hates most of all: loser.

"A formal concession after an election is not embedded in our Constitution -- it is a norm. " Biden will become the 46th President on January 20 whether or not Trump concedes.

Trump will then be an uneasy new member of the normally convivial club of former Presidents, wrote Kate Andersen Brower.

It wasn't exactly the outcome most people expected, based on pre-election polls: These, on average, correctly gave Biden the edge over Trump, but they also predicted he would lead a wave of Democrats into office with him.

When the counting is over, Donald Trump will wind up with far more votes than any Republican presidential candidate ever, and more than he received in 2016.

Talk from Democrats of packing the court, the Green New Deal, various proposals on universal health care, not to mention violence surrounding protests, likely scared people who voted for Trump in 2016, in part because they didn't like Hillary Clinton, to vote for him again in 2020. "

Joe Biden will be our next president and Donald Trump will not. "

"As I watched the election results trickle in Tuesday night and the counting continue through the week," she wrote, "it became evident that no matter who wins, public health has suffered a major loss.

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