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Opinion: A plea to acting Attorney General Rosen: Stop this week's federal executions

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Jeffrey D. Sachs and Mario Marazziti write that the scheduled executions of Lisa Montgomery, Dustin Higgs and Corey Johnson should not be carried out under the Trump administration, which began rushing federal executions last July when William Barr ran the DOJ. They write that the DOJ under President Joe Biden should be able to review these cases and the federal policy on death sentences generally.

Less known is that Trump has also unleashed a mad rush of federal executions, with three more scheduled for this week at the Terre Haute federal prison facility in Indiana.

These rushed executions must be stopped so that the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden can review these cases and the federal policy on death sentences generally.

There had been no federal executions since 2003.

Trump's support for the unleashing of federal executions is a reflection of the same apparent glee that led Trump to pay for full-page ads calling for the state to adopt the death penalty after the infamous Central Park Five case in New York in 1989.

She would be the first woman to be executed on federal death row for a murder committed by a person that society should have given support and treatment since childhood, and never did.

Justice requires that all three scheduled executions be stayed until President Biden and his attorney general can decide on these three cases and on federal death sentence policy generally.

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