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Opinion: 50 op-eds that told the story of 2020

December 21, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

We thought it would never end. But did, and here we all are, saying goodbye to 2020. There is no denying how unrelentingly rough it was—a jam-packed carnival of disaster. But it wasn't all bad -- no, really. Humanity also showed its brilliance, resilience and dignity. Come take a look back at 50 op-eds and the stories they tell about where we've been and how far we've come.

Frida Ghitis: This is the bombshell Trump's team didn't want revealed

The praise or condemnation President Donald Trump is drawing for the latest US actions in the Middle East in no way diminishes the power of the legal bombshell that just exploded in the United States with new evidence of his behavior regarding Ukraine.

Newly revealed documents paint an incriminating picture, showing administration officials anxiously struggling to follow orders from Trump himself despite concerns that the order could go against the national security interests of the United States and warnings from the Pentagon that it could be illegal.

From the moment Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement, the media has blasted and belittled her, hardly ever forgetting to identify her as a divorced American actress with a black mother. . . They ran her out of town and now they're mad she's leaving.

By stifling these realistic images of what the postpartum experience is like, we are making women feel inadequate if they aren't functioning normally and feeling well-put-together immediately after bringing a new human into the world.

What does it say to women giving birth -- or the partners who watch them struggle -- that an ad that offers them self-care products to cope with one of the most difficult times of many women's lives is "too graphic" for family viewers?

This is, after all, what many people go through to make their families in the first place.

My colleagues and I will be on the front lines as American emergency agencies will soon likely experience a large and sustained surge of patients with Covid-19 concerns.

Michael D'Antonio: America has learned a lot about Trump during coronavirus crisis

The level of crisis the country faces under this pandemic is new, and Trump's performance has been abysmal — and familiar.

Elliot Williams: Donald Trump's single greatest accomplishment as president

But one thing is clear: the crisis has tested President Donald Trump -- and he has proven to be an astonishing success in a way no president ever has before.

Instead, coronavirus has exposed the real success of the President's unyielding assault on the media during his time in office.

Many don't realize they may be in a bubble of false security as the number of coronavirus infections spreads out into suburban and rural Long Island — including Suffolk County, home of the Hamptons — and other areas where the country's extremely wealthy have second homes.

The numbers alone can numb us: in New York City now, there are more deaths in a single day than murders in the past year; to date we've lost more than four times the number of people the city lost in the attacks of 9/11.

Six years ago, in 2014, another black man, Eric Garner, pleaded with police officers in New York City who held him in a chokehold, saying "I can't breathe. " His alleged crime?

There will be no young gay or transgender person getting on a plane from their Midwestern town where they aren't out to come to New York, the place where they can be fully themselves for the first time.

Today, black and brown people are inspiring the world with their strength, determination, and willingness to see the struggle through to total victory.

I believe that this global uprising will never stop, and it will move into every heart, home and community on Earth, until the day when all people are treated with the dignity, respect and love that God intends for us.

And since Covid-19 will likely be an issue come September, teachers must consider how they design lesson plans for their students -- taking into account the challenges of the spring semester.

Trump has been enraging US Latinos going back to the dawn of his campaign, when he attacked immigrants from Mexico and Central America as criminals and rapists, as well as his callous indifference to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

In Trump's extreme version of Republicanism, scapegoating Latinos have engendered a climate of uneasiness and at times fear, all in the service of being meat for his xenophobic base of support.

While long overdue, this is ultimately a good decision for the Washington team, the NFL, our country -- and not just Native peoples -- since it closes a painful chapter of denigration and disrespect toward people of color.

Mr. Lewis had a way of putting you at ease and making you feel like nothing was more important at that moment than sitting and talking with you.

Dean Obeidallah: Joe Biden just destroyed one of Trump's biggest attack lines

Almost on cue Saturday afternoon, around the same time Biden was on his bicycle, Trump tweeted out from the posh confines of his country club one of his go-to attack lines against the former VP, calling him "Sleepy Joe Biden. "

There's Biden briskly riding a bicycle while Trump is at his private country club, where the only exercise he seems to get is getting in and out of his golf cart.

Yet Trump is calling Biden "Sleepy. " Sometimes comedy writes itself.

But in this case Twitter helped as the hashtag "Trump Can't ride a Bike" got traction online, with one anti-Trumper juxtaposing video footage of Biden riding his bicycle with Trump struggling to walk down a ramp after delivering the commencement address in June at West Point.

As Americans today process a momentous anniversary -- the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment recognizing women's right to vote -- against the current backdrop of Covid-19's devastating effects, the story of the suffragist doctors is a timely reminder of the honor and respect still due to too many forgotten American women.

I have peers across the country whose families and communities haven't been touched by the pandemic or school closures in the same way that low-income, Black, and Latinx families have.

Adding insult to injury, it is easy to imagine that Donald Trump will host a Rose Garden signing ceremony for legislation ending Social Security as we know it.

I know that some people have made the best of this time and accomplished great things.

But I do feel that there are also many people who are struggling with their everyday lives as well.

These people need a voice.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany faced her moment of reckoning in the briefing room on Wednesday, when reporters confronted her about the recordings, released by veteran journalist Bob Woodward, in which President Trump acknowledged in early February that the coronavirus was airborne and deadlier than the flu, even as he publicly dismissed concerns about the virus and called it the Democrats' "new hoax. " In March, Trump told Woodward that he intentionally downplayed the dangers of the virus, saying, "I always wanted to play it down.

This year's Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the shooting of Jacob Blake have hastened a long overdue national reckoning on Black citizenship and dignity.

For the NFL, this meant ending the willful ignorance that allowed commissioner Roger Goodell to stand by while powerful owners like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys conflated peaceful protest against the killing of African Americans by law enforcement with disrespecting the American flag (he has recently adjusted his stance somewhat).

On the issues, Trump probably had his best political moment when talking about bringing the troops home from the Middle East.

Trump might have been indicted several times over were he not protected by his office, and a sense of impunity tends to make one sloppy.

Trump no doubt believes that he has more to lose by leaving office than by fighting -- lawlessly or not -- to stay.

A president cannot get big things done here at home unless he can marshal the support of a sizable majority of the people.

Sure, recent presidents have exercised power more frequently through executive orders, but those aren't lasting in their impact: The next president can easily reverse them, as Trump has demonstrated.

David Axelrod: Why Donald Trump lost

Autopsies examining why Trump became the first president in 28 years to lose reelection may list Covid-19 as the proximate cause.

Like the patient with chronic disease, Trump's political demise wasn't caused by the coronavirus but by the underlying and familiar deficiencies of character and leadership of America's first reality show president.

Joe Biden will face the vexing and -- given Trump's uniquely compromised stature -- unprecedented decision of whether to allow his predecessor to receive intelligence updates, which has long been standard operating procedure.

Trump's unusually close relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, even as the intelligence community says that Russia continues to interfere in our elections, makes continued access a potential cause for concern.

Half the country voted for Trump.

These people are us, and we need someone who can teach us to love them again.

Please, Joe, make me embarrassed to say anything bad about Trump supporters.

Eldredge: To my family who chose Trump over me: Was it worth it?

So, here we are now, on the series finale of "The Apprentice: White House Edition," after millions of citizens in the single largest election in American history have united to say, "You're Fired. " As he now shuffles his sad shell off the national stage, what happens to us and our family?

And it is why I, and millions of other people around the world, rejoice that Kamala Harris is the first Black woman ever elected vice president in the United States.

Early signs that Thanksgiving would be particularly contested emerged during the Depression in 1939, when President Franklin Roosevelt, hoping to give the economy a much-needed boost, moved Thanksgiving up a week to extend the Christmas shopping season.

We are grateful for the health care workers who put in long shifts and isolate themselves from their loved ones, the nurses who comfort and help people say one last goodbye, and the doctors who fight for every breath.

Robert Alexander: Mike Pence is going to put the seal on Donald Trump's defeat

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