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One of WFH's biggest losers: Cybersecurity

April 6, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Business leaders had a lot on their plates over the past year, and many have let cybersecurity fall by the wayside.

As growing numbers of companies adopted cloud-based platforms during the pandemic, mobile devices could also be exploited to steal log-in credentials and data from virtual work systems, the report says.

More than one in five companies surveyed said their mobile-device security was compromised, involving the loss of data or operations disruptions in the preceding year.

And while phishing — an attack wherein bad actors impersonate a legitimate company, service or person in order to steal sensitive data or install malware on a user's device — presents a huge threat, almost half of US employees don't know what it is, according to a separate study from security software firm Proofpoint.

But some firms just need to start with the basics: Nearly half of companies don't give employees regular training on mobile-device security, according to the Verizon report.

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