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On board a small Ukrainian patrol boat challenging Russian naval might

May 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The message from the Russians to the Ukrainian patrol was clear: Go no further. As Russian ships deploy to the Sea of Azov for what Moscow says are exercises, the Ukrainians ready their defenses.

Up ahead, a Russian coastal protection ship looms on the horizon, a floating steel gatekeeper to the growing naval force assembling in the seas beyond.

"The last two weeks, it has become more dangerous because the Russian Federation has sent several landing ships from Baltic Sea and the North Sea," says Capt.

Russian ships fired on Ukrainian naval vessels, seizing three and detaining 24 sailors.

Ukrainian naval officials say they have no choice but to plan for a possible Russian assault and that more ground forces are on standby to be deployed in the event of an attack.

"Russian ships increasingly behave aggressively, entering forbidden areas, or places where they should have permission from the Ukrainian authorities," says Levitskiy, the patrol boat commander.

After the Ukrainian coastguard vessel was warned by the Russian ship about getting too close, CNN asked him what would happen if we didn't turn back.

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