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Officer hit by car at Clarkston Station Apartments

April 26, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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An officer is recovering and a man is in jail after hitting the officer with his car when trying to flee the scene, Police said.

Hilton as he fled. “He ran the police over I seen this. . . ” the resident said. “Our officer was transported to an area hospital, for evaluation and has since been released with minor injuries,” Clarkston Police Department Assistant Chief Harry Hess telling CBS46. That after hitting one Officer Gadson headed for another in his path,this officer firing back at Gadson with his gun. “Anytime a man run over a police officer he doesn’t care about human lives he shot recklessly for 20 minutes,” the neighbor said. Police found several pistol caliber shell casings at the location, but there is no indication that a rifle was used in this crime. “It’s just not safe out here in this environment no more.

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