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Norfolk woman paying it forward by giving away her diamond wedding ring set

January 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A Norfolk woman is giving away her marriage band, and engagement ring from her previous marriage.

-Christine Bonavita was born in 1981 in New Jersey and put into foster care. "I have seen such kindness out there in my darkest hour, so I know what it's like to struggle," she said. In 1987 she was adopted by the Bonavita family, which translates into good life in Italian, and it's a bit of the good life she is now looking to extend to others . "I really believe in paying it forward and just being kind especially with what is going on, in world today," she said.

Nearly two karats to someone in need of a little sparkle during these dark times. "We were married in 2010 and now we are not and I am celebrating a one year anniversary and I am gratefully divorced," said Bonavita. It's a beautiful ring and band she no longer needs to keep. "There is nothing I could do like pawning it or throwing it in the Hague that will give me long lasting happiness as knowing what I am doing now," said Bonavita.

"I am gonna be able to let go of it and have the same feelings that I had in receiving it which is excitement and happiness," she said. Submissions must include your full legal name, a recent photo taken within the last year of the both of you and ≥250 words on how you have or will overcome 2020’s obstacles with hope, love, faith, laughter and marry the one you love.

By entering, you agree that Bonavita can share your name/photo/submission publicly.

Winner(s) will be notified on February 14. Bonavita reserves the right to amend, end or cancel this at any time at her discretion for any reason. The prize also includes a Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan(s) if transferrable and purchase receipt(s).

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