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'No one can dare ask why': This is what a backward society controlled by the Taliban is like for its citizens

April 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Women are banned from leaving their homes without a male companion and nobody dares ask about schooling for girls living here. Taxation, that's sometimes fair and often on the rich but compulsory, can be prey to rival taxmen and lead to beatings and imprisonment for non-payment. Justice is dispensed in mobile courts with adulterers jailed or killed and some reoffending thieves hanged in public. Bread, clothing and even the occasional smartphone are gifts for fighters.

"At the end of the day the Taliban have the power," said one resident.

The second man we interviewed said women had been prosecuted by the courts for leaving their homes.

The Taliban "now are more cautious than ever before to avoid being found gathered in big numbers", the fourth man said.

"Many people in different villages who have been taken to the Taliban Otaq," said the third man, "locked up there for a night or two, or have been beaten up. "

The fifth resident said the Taliban forced residents to buy fighters clothes in the market during Ramadan, and also collected a tax on opium production at harvest.

The third man said competing groups among the Taliban often tried to levy their own taxes.

"The Taliban stress a lot the importance of Jihad in the madrasas," or schools, the third man said.

The fourth man said that in Musa Qala there were no development projects under way like when the central government had control.

The Musa Qala residents said the Taliban, businessmen and richer locals appreciated the better communications.

"Taliban would stop anyone who would use the phone to shoot video," said the first man.

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