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Nikki Glaser learns to love herself

April 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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TO TELL THE TRUTH - "503 (Joel McHale, Oliver Hudson, Nikki Glaser, Vivica A. Fox)" - Actor, comedian and host of ABC's "Card Sharks," Joel McHale, actor Oliver Hudson, comedian Nikki Glaser and actress Vivica A. Fox make up the celebrity panel on "To Tell the Truth," airing THURSDAY, JULY 30 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG, DL) This exceptional contestant panel features a U.S. Quidditch team champion, a professional cheese sculptor, one of the original members of N*SYNC, the inventor of a glitter bomb and someone who helped to catch a serial killer. (Kelsey McNeal / ABC via Getty Images) NIKKI GLASER

In the new FX/ Hulu documentary, "Hysterical," viewers are treated to the backstories of the female comics who star in it, childhood scars and all.

Everyone [thought moving home] was going to break us and people were like 'I could never live with my parents. ' And I'm like, 'I couldn't live with your parents either.

Glaser's having such a good time with her family, she's decided to stay in St. Louis, where she's renting an apartment with her best friend and hosting a podcast.

"I live in an apartment in St. Louis and I don't know what's next," Glaser said.

"It turns out I like myself for the first time in my life, like, I really have self-esteem, which is kind of kryptonite for a comedian, but this podcast is not just comedy, I kind of look at it as self-help," Glaser said.

Glaser, who also has a reality show on deck, a comedy pilot she's sold about cancel culture, and hosting duties on a dating competition show, said she'd eventually wants to include her family on the podcast.

Glaser said she'd like to do the podcast as long as possible.

And I feel compelled to share the secrets I've learned through reading self-help books and talking to smart people and listening to podcasts and meditating in the most palatable way that isn't preachy.

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