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Nigerian star, Mr. Eazi is raising $20 million to invest in African music creatives

July 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Award-winning music artist, Mr. Eazi is launching a new funding venture for music artists in Africa based on equity models used for startups.

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Award-winning music artist, Mr. Eazi is launching a fund that will invest in Africa's stars of the future.

Through the AMF, the 29-year-old artist from Nigeria says he wants to create a new funding model for the music business on the continent.

Mr. Eazi says one of his primary motivations for funding music is to provide financial support for artists to expand their catalog.

Mr. Eazi says his parent company emPawa Africa in partnership with music technology company Vydia will be launching Cinch Distro, a music distribution platform for new artists.

They don't necessarily tell you the exact way they are marketing your music or give artists access to data they can use to maximize revenue for their content.

However, Mr. Eazi says all artists he funds will have access to information about their content and earning in real-time.

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