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NICU nurse speaks out after surviving COVID-19 and lung transplant

November 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  A local NICU nurse is finally well enough to tell her story, after surviving a brutal battle with COVID-19 and a double lung transplant. News 8

Rodney is a respiratory therapist at IU Health and Kari is a NICU nurse caring for babies at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.

And it just, it’s devastating,” said Kari.

“My husband had to tell them that I might die,” said Kari as she held back tears.

Finally, in September, Kari was transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for a double-lung transplant.

Northwestern Medicine was the first to do a COVID-19 double lung transplant in the United States and Kari was only the sixth survivor to get the surgery.

She was about the same age as me, had kids and she died… and here I am, I am lucky enough to have gotten some new lungs and I am alive,” said Kari.

“We are the ones taking care of everybody else with COVID and we are just as vulnerable as anybody else,” said Kari.

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