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NFL's Titans and Patriots report no new positive Covid-19 tests

October 12, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Per the NFL, the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots report now new Covid-19 tests on Monday

(CNN)The NFL reported no new positive Covid-19 tests for the Titans or Patriots on Monday.

The news, which the league confirmed to CNN, comes on the heels of a Patriots player testing positive Sunday, which led to the postponement of Monday evening's scheduled game between New England and the visiting Denver Broncos.

The Titans, meanwhile, remain scheduled to host the Bills on Tuesday, a postponement stemming from a team outbreak that saw 24 members of the organization test positive, including 13 players.

Both New England and Tennessee were forced to shut down their team facilities on Sunday following positive Covid-19 tests.

"This morning we learned that a staff member tested positive," a Titans team representative said Sunday.

The Patriots confirmed similar news Sunday, saying, "We have one new positive test and all Tier 1 and Tier 2 football employees will continue their daily testing.

But with both teams receiving no new positive test Monday, each franchise is proceeding with preparations for its respective next games.

To date, 12 NFL games have been postponed or rescheduled as a result of positive Covid-19 tests, with 11 teams having been directly impacted.

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