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New Zealand has just elected one of the most diverse parliaments in the world. Here's how it stacks up

November 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

As two older, White, male candidates fought for supremacy in the United States election last month, New Zealand was offering its electorate a more progressive choice: two White women.

New Zealand already had a relatively diverse Parliament.

New Zealand's Parliament has had Māori seats since 1867, soon after the country was founded, but these have sometimes been seen as tokenism.

Of those countries, New Zealand now has the highest proportion of openly LGBTQ lawmakers, at 11%, according to his data.

When it comes to gender New Zealand doesn't have the highest proportion of women lawmakers in the world -- that title goes to Rwanda, where 61% of seats in the country's lower house are occupied by women.

As for ethnic diversity, the country is still lacking when it comes to representation of Asian New Zealanders, for example, who make up 15% of the country's general population, but only hold 7% of seats in Parliament.

The significance of all this is that New Zealand's Parliament looks more like the general population -- which in turn makes it more representative.

Not everyone in New Zealand is happy about Ardern's diverse Parliament.

New Zealand's main opposition party, National, has only two Māori MPs and only 30% of its lawmakers are women.

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