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Mysterious, new tarantula-like spider identified in the Florida Everglades

May 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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An elusive spider related to the tarantula just joined the ranks of recognized spiders.

These spiders likely only live in the pine rockland habitat of southern Florida, which is "highly threatened," Godwin told CNN.

"Development, urbanization, land clearing, anything that destroys the topsoil could potentially wipe out whole populations and especially for a spider that occurs in such a small range of really threatened habitat, you kind of risk losing the species all together," Godwin said.

The characteristics of the male trapdoor spiders are what help identify the species, she said.

Even though large spiders can freak people out, Godwin said these trapdoor spiders are not coming to get you.

While they are venomous -- most spiders are -- the venom of the Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider is not "medically important," Godwin said.

Trapdoor spiders are known for creating a door to their burrow and staying underground, Godwin said.

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