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My uncle died before he could get a vaccine in Kenya. I got mine in a US drugstore. This is what inequality looks like

July 21, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Every time I see a call from home, my heart sinks. I always fear that they're ringing to say that my grandmother has died. She has been on a ventilator for four weeks and my anxiety is near breaking point. The dreaded call could come at any time: Covid-19. Again.

While wealthy countries are dropping all restrictions and reopening their societies because most adults are fully inoculated, new cases are rising at the fastest rate ever across Africa, where very few people are vaccinated.

At the start of the year North American countries had purchased enough doses to fully vaccinate the region's population more than twice, while African countries had only secured enough does to cover a third of the continent's population.

Of the 3. 5 billion people already vaccinated worldwide, only 1. 6% are in African countries.

"And because people are dying every day, that's why I say that a vaccine delayed is a vaccine denied," Dr. Gitahi Githinji, group CEO of Amref Health Africa, told CNN.

The country followed all World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and appeared to do everything right, but still got overrun by coronavirus cases, because only vaccines provide true protection.

Many people I've met in the five African countries I've visited in the past few weeks are baffled by the resistance to vaccines in the West.

Countries such as Kenya rely on COVAX, a WHO effort to provide Covid-19 vaccines at subsidized cost to lower and middle-income nations, but it is underfunded and the need is far greater than the small drip of shots that are available to distribute.

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