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mStable launches on Polygon, hopes to attract defi users 'priced out' of ETH

April 27, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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mStable is the latest DeFi protocol to embrace layer-two scaling solutions, announcing its launch on Polygon.

Defi-yield protocol mStable has become the latest to embrace second-layer scaling solutions, announcing its deployment on Polygon (formerly known as Matic) today.

mStable’s interest-generating savings account, two of its “risk minimized meta-stablecoins,” and asset swapping features are now live on Polygon, offering its users reduced fees when compared to its Ethereum mainnet deployment.

1/ mStable has launched on Polygon @mstable_ offers @0xPolygon users another source of USD and BTC liquidity, a DeFi-native savings account and two risk minimised meta-stablecoins. Get started: https://t. co/aLx10WWwENLearn more / Guide: https://t. co/e5G36VBJip— mStable (@mstable_) April 26, 2021

mStable also teased three major upcoming releases for its Polygon deployment, including liquidity incentives, free transactions in partnership with Biconomy, and a bridge between its Polygon and Ethereum mainnet versions.

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