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Mother Accused Of Shooting And Killing 16 And 22 Year Old Children At Beaver County Home

February 23, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A mother is charged with shooting and killing her two daughters inside their home in Beaver County.

(KDKA) — A mother is charged with shooting and killing her two children inside their home in Beaver County. READ MORE: COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: More Than 2M Vaccine Doses Administered To DateBeaver County District Attorney David Lozier identified the suspect as 48-year-old Krisinda Bright.

The Ambridge Area School District has a Crisis Intervention Team made up of professionals trained to help with the needs of students, parents, and school personnel at difficult times such as this.

If you would like additional information or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Janice Zupsic, High School principal at jzupsic@ambridge. k12. pa. us or call 724-266-2833 Ext. 2287.

Ambridge Police were called to a shooting in the 900 block of Maplewood Avenue on Monday afternoon.

“I said, ‘Is it safe for us to walk him home?’ and they said, ‘We have to escort you. ’ And I said, ‘That’s fine, but is it safe, what happened, did something bad happen?’ He said, ‘We can’t tell you,'” said Rachel Kruze. MORE NEWS: ‘Please Don’t Shoot’: Krisinda Bright Accused Of Shooting, Killing Her 16-Year-Old, 22-Year-Old ChildrenStay with KDKA for the latest on this developing story.

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