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More vaccines could be coming soon and they could be a big boost to the rollout

January 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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States may be scrambling for vaccines now, but the United States could see additional Covid-19 vaccines by the end of March, if not sooner.

Janssen, the vaccine arm of Johnson & Johnson, plans to have results from its late-stage clinical trials ready for the US Food and Drug Administration to consider within weeks.

While J&J is running a separate trial to test its vaccine using two doses, as Moderna's and Pfizer's do, the current trial uses just one dose.

"So you're not being infected with the virus that can give you Covid-19 when you get this vaccine.

Dr. Paul Offit, the director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, said the Moderna, Pfizer and J&J Covid-19 vaccines all take a similar approach, but there is a small difference with the J&J approach.

Like the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, it employs an adenovirus to carry the genetic instructions for making spike protein from the coronavirus into cells to generate antibodies.

AstraZeneca's vaccine, developed with Oxford University, uses a virus that infects chimpanzees but doesn't make people sick.

The Novavax candidate is a protein-based vaccine created out of the genetic sequence for the novel coronavirus.

Novavax said it expects to have results with its Covid-19 vaccine by early first quarter of this year.

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