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More than 200 million people are under alerts as a deadly winter storm moves into the Northeast

February 16, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A winter storm that has pummeled much of the United States will move through the Northeast on Tuesday, leaving a trail of destruction across some states unaccustomed to such harsh weather.

As snow blankets typically temperate states like Texas and Oklahoma and power outages cause misery in Louisiana, about 200 million people remain under some sort of weather-related alert.

The storm is expected to move out through the Northeast late Tuesday, leaving a trail of heavy snow and ice in its path, CNN Meteorologist Tyler Mauldin said.

Temperatures are expected to rise as it moves, though record cold mornings and afternoons will linger through Saturday, Mauldin said.

But once the low-pressure system leaves states like Texas and Oklahoma, a system that has been pouring cold precipitation on the West Coast is expected to take its place with more wintry mischief, Maudlin said.

Dropping temperatures have frozen or overworked power sources, leaving nearly 5 million people in the dark as of early Tuesday morning.

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