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Misconduct claims against Wayne County Sheriff candidates receive new scrutiny

January 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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As a panel prepares to select the next Wayne County Sheriff, past misconduct complaints filed against two leading candidates for the job are receiving new scrutiny.

Two of the leading candidates for the position, Deputy Chief Raphael Washington and Chief Robert Dunlap, were each the subject of misconduct accusations in federal lawsuits that ended in taxpayer-funded settlements. In 2017, Raphael “Ray” Washington was accused by a Wayne County deputy of making unwanted sexual advances and requests. According to a lawsuit, the deputy alleged that Washington asked her to come into his office and “massage his neck because it was bothering him. ” She complied, she said, ”rather than risk retaliation. ”The deputy ultimately left Wayne County for a position in another department only to later return.

Police Chief in the Detroit Police Department, a woman who claims to have dated Dunlap alleged in a court filing that he used police resources to harass her. In 2005, she obtained a Personal Protection Order against Dunlap and, in a civil lawsuit, claimed Dunlap retaliated against her for the PPO, having a team of DPD officers pull her over and detain her for at least 30 minutes. While the woman accused Dunlap of violating the protection order, a Wayne County judge ultimately disagreed. The woman filed a civil suit against Dunlap and he later filed his own counterclaim, alleging she had harassed him.

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