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MicroStrategy sees up to 52% revenue surge as Saylor confirms more Bitcoin buys ahead

April 30, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Serial Bitcoin hodler MicroStrategy has seen a big revenue pump thanks to its "two-pronged" approach with Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy, the company which owns over 91,000 Bitcoin (BTC), saw an astounding surge in revenues in Q1, its latest figures confirm.

In a press release on April 30, CEO Michael Saylor revealed that the company's success had gone far beyond its Bitcoin profits.

MicroStrategy has continued to hit the headlines for its flatly bullish position on Bitcoin and its future, adding to its reserves regardless of sentiment or price.

"MicroStrategy’s first quarter results were a clear example that our two-pronged corporate strategy to grow our enterprise analytics software business and acquire and hold bitcoin is generating substantial shareholder value," Saylor commented.

"We will continue to acquire and hold additional bitcoin as we seek to create additional value for shareholders," he concluded.

As Cointelegraph reported, the company's stock price has experienced volatility this year, something which has echoed Bitcoin's own price discovery.

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