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Microsoft pulled its underwater data center out of the sea in Scotland

September 14, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Project Natick, Vessel retrieval Stromness, Orkney. Microsoft - Tuesday 7th to Wednesday 15th of July 2020

Microsoft pulled its second underwater data center out of the water in Scotland.

New York (CNN Business)Microsoft pulled its second underwater data center out of the water in Scotland.

The tech company placed a data center 117 feet underwater in spring 2018, calling it Project Natick.

This is Microsoft's (MSFT) second data center vessel.

For phase one of the underwater data center experimentation, Microsoft deployed a vessel in California, which was operated on the seafloor of the Pacific coast.

The deployment and retrieval of the data center each took a day, according to a Microsoft press release.

Once retrieved, the vessel was power washed and used for data collection.

The team at Microsoft hypothesizes that the nitrogen, which is less corrosive than oxygen, and the absence of people to bump and jostle components, make the data center more reliable than data centers on land, according to the press release.

And with heat adding much of the power requirements for data centers, the self-cooling underwater atmosphere makes the vessel more efficient.

"Our failure rate in the water is one-eighth of what we see on land," Ben Cutler, a project manager in Microsoft's Special Projects research group who leads Project Natick, said.

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