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Mexico's quest for a homemade vaccine

November 18, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The small glass containers look like the marching rows of an infantry division, neatly aligned shoulder to shoulder, as they press slowly forward into a massive processing machine. Each will contain one dose of a vaccine, the weapon of choice in the battle against the coronavirus.

Thousands of such containers, called ampoules, are already being sorted, labeled, and made ready to ship every hour in a mock production of a national vaccine developed by Mexicans, right here in Mexico.

These are the trial runs of a Covid-19 vaccine production line in Mexico City, to which CNN was recently given exclusive access.

For Mexico, the development of its own vaccine is not just a matter of public health.

While the first vaccines will be produced much earlier by some of the world's richest countries, a nationally produced vaccine is Mexico's failsafe—its best bet to ensure that if vaccine supplies from other countries prove difficult to obtain, its roughly 130 million citizens will still be protected.

First, it says 25. 2 million of those doses will come from agreements Mexico has secured within the COVAX program, the WHO-backed initiative that aims to secure vaccines for developing countries.

At least a half-dozen trials of domestically developed vaccines are currently underway in Mexico.

Mexico's government, much like others around the world, will also loosen some of the regulations that normally surround vaccine development.

Mexico is not a country with a highly developed vaccine production industry.

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