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Message in a bottle discovered after 7 year journey

April 8, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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An Evansville woman checked something off her bucket list while on walk with a friend.

Message in a bottle discovered after 7 year journey EVANSVILLE, Ind.

Storm Tucker likes to hunt for “river treasures” on her Grandma’s land in the Dog Town area.

Wednesday, she found a message in a bottle.

“Had the little piece of paper wrapped around it that said “Message” on the inside, and I started getting so excited because that’s all I ever wanted was to find a message in a bottle.

Like a real one,” said Storm.

Young Victoria Coleman had just gotten out of school for the summer and jotted down her phone number and mailing address.

Storm wanted to tell her what she found. , but a lot had changed in the seven years it took that bottle to float from Matewan, West Virginia - all the all the way to Dog Town.

“She told me that y’all was wanting to interview because somebody found the bottle that I had thrown into the river a long time ago,” said Victoria.

“I thought it was really cool that someone turned it in to the news. ” For all the years Victoria’s note stayed safely capped, Storm’s excitement could hardly be contained.

Like it’s one thing to find a message in a bottle.

Then get to meet the person that wrote it so many years later,” said Storm.

“It’s all so incredible. ” Storm says she is putting the letter in a shadow box.

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