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Merrick Garland to be grilled on civil rights and gun control in first hearing as attorney general

May 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Merrick Garland will step into his first congressional hot seat as attorney general Tuesday morning, when he testifies before the House Appropriations Committee to propose a multibillion-dollar budget increase for the Justice Department.

The chairman of the committee, Democratic Rep. Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, plans to focus his questions on how the Civil Rights Division within the Justice Department will be run, and how its leadership will address voting rights issues, particularly voter suppression efforts, according to a person familiar with the questions.

Our budget seeks to increase the Department's civil rights funding by $33 million, providing a total of $209 million for the Civil Rights Division, the Community Relations Service, and related civil rights work," Garland wrote in his prepared opening remarks, which were released Monday night.

The budget, Garland is to say, will include $120 million for the Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women "to expand our efforts to address widespread rape kit backlogs and to fund new investigative training programs for law enforcement officers and prosecutors in units dedicated to investigating gender based violence. "

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