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Meet the man who's climbed every peak and visited every island in Hong Kong

February 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Photographer and adventurer Simon Wan Chi-Chung has devoted his life to exploring Hong Kong's great outdoors. He explains to CNN Travel what inspires him and offers advice for those looking to experience the city's many wild spaces on their own.

He's going to climb every peak in Hong Kong -- in one trip.

"This 'Day 9 uncle' gasped when he heard about my mission to climb all of Hong Kong's peaks," recalls Wan.

Having spent years studying in the UK, Wan realized he didn't know Hong Kong's landscape very well.

Carrying a bivvy bag and a film camera, Wan embarked on a series of "expeditions. " Ten years after his first trek through Hong Kong's mountains in 2003, he repeated the journey in 2013.

He says he learned the history of Ap Chau, a rugged island in the northeastern part of Hong Kong, during an impromptu tour from a persistent retired villager who found Wan sleeping at the pier one morning.

"It may be an old adage, but Hong Kong's nature is unique for its convenience," says Wan.

"People say there is great wilderness within Hong Kong.

I say it is the other way around -- Hong Kong is a city hidden within the wilderness. "

Wan has plenty of advice for those wanting to start exploring Hong Kong's wild spaces as well.

Capturing the beauty of Hong Kong's natural side is more than just a photo assignment for Wan. It's an outlet for him to express his emotions as well.

Wan's next Hong Kong hill expedition will happen this summer.

But I want to make the journey as challenging and memorable as possible so I'll remember deeply how unique Hong Kong's summer is," says Wan.

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