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Meet Otto Addo, the coach responsible for guiding some of Europe's brightest young footballers

April 5, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Many footballers are unsure of their calling once they hang up their boots and Otto Addo was no different.

After signing in 2007, Addo alternated between playing for the first team and second team, where he began to coach and mentor the club's young talents.

"I started thinking: 'Okay, what can I do now?'" Addo tells CNN from Borussia Dortmund's training center, where he is now the assistant coach of the first team.

Throughout his career, Addo had sometimes noticed that these youngsters could be treated like "just a number" when making the step up from the youth sides to the first team.

It was during his time at FC Nordsjaelland that Addo began to understand how he could best help the next generation of footballers, and he began to carve out a new role for himself.

On top of the coaching and on-pitch analysis he provided, Addo also became a mentor for the club's youth players and provided support in their personal lives.

"Like: 'How could I create a role of guidance, of helping, of coaching young players?' I said it would be good if there was somebody who could join the first squad just to [let the kids] know what the coach wants and also to take a little bit more time for the young players for them to adapt to his philosophy. "

While change might be slow, Addo sees a lot of potential in the current crop of players to one day make the transition from the pitch into the dugout.

The 45-year-old's unique outlook on player development has already taken him to one of Europe's leading clubs, though Addo remains unsure whether one day he would like to make the step up into a head coaching role.

"Now, as assistant coach, it's fun for me -- to work with young players is really, really good.

"I'm learning day-by-day, and at the moment, I'm happy with the role as an assistant coach, but also with the role of guiding the young players, talented players and helping them to grow up, to step into the adult football scene and to guide them, especially in difficult situations. "

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