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Meditation app Omvana will have you relaxed in no time

November 20, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

As quarantine continues it can be hard to find moments of peace and relaxation. A great way to ground and center yourself can be meditation. Omvana is a meditation app that will have you relaxed in no time. Better yet, you can get a year subscription for just $39.99 (from $59.99).

Omvana is a meditation app that will have you relaxed in no time.

Throughout our time using Omvana we found ourselves looking forward to our meditation sessions.

With so many options to choose from we had to know what we were looking for when we opened the app otherwise it was easy to get distracted by the smorgasbord of meditation sessions.

The range in session times is a huge bonus because it really helps you customize your experience while using the app.

What we liked most about Omvana was that it offered not only guided meditations and hypnosis sessions but it also offered motivational podcast style sessions to help you focus on improving yourself in all aspects of life.

A subscription to Omvana for the discounted price of $39. 99 is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a meditation and wellness app to help improve your daily life and reduce your stress levels.

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